Budgeting dilemma

If I really only had £4.80 left to last until the end of June I couldn’t have taken advantage of the Ocado £20 off £40 spend voucher that MSE waved under my nose on Wednesday. I did think hard about whether I should stick strictly to my challenge, then decided that it was too good an offer to turn down.

Even taking into account the delivery charge and Ocado’s slightly higher prices, I saved around 40% on my basket of store-cupboard items. I’ve restocked with my favourite brand of tinned tomatoes (which were on special offer before applying the voucher code, so a double saving there!) and have enough washing up liquid and bathroom cleaner to last a year as well as various other non-perishable goods.

The delivery will be on Tuesday lunchtime, but it doesn’t contain anything that I will actually use this month, so technically I’m still within budget for June. I spent £3.09 yesterday on veggies and milk from the Co-Op – some items were marked down, so overall it was fairly good value for money. Lidl might have been cheaper, but would have required a special journey. So I have £1.71 left, which should be enough to last until next Friday – one pint of milk and some broccoli or cabbage.

I suspect that I’ll “give in” and do a proper shop before the end of the month, mainly because running the freezer stores right down is unwise if I have a bad patch health-wise. It’s very important for me in terms of managing my health to ensure that I always have plenty of quick and easy healthy food available for times when I don’t have the energy to cook. Luckily I can make that choice – heaven help those who can’t…