Shameless imitation

Last week Esculentetc drew my attention to this post by The Quince Tree on Twitter and I bookmarked it for future use. Today the sun is shining beautifully, and although I am not up to going for a proper walk or anything strenuous, I was determined to have a few minutes outdoors after lunch. I took a container with me and peeled my eyes for colourful and interesting objects.

I kept to the rule of not picking anything, but, lacking a matchbox in which to arrange my finds, I tried some alternative displays as you can see below. It was a delightfully pleasurable little exercise and one I shall repeat in different seasons. Do have a go yourself and share your finds with the blog world. Thank you Quince Tree and Esculentetc.


6 Comments on “Shameless imitation”

  1. Ian says:

    What a great idea…watch this space.

  2. Bugs says:

    Oh my – I’m not used to being listened to 😉

    What a beautiful job you’ve made of it and the pictures are beautifully sunny too – you could almost do it every month (or season, more reasonably), if you have a space to set the bowl on, to remind you of beautiful things when it’s not possible to go outside. Much better than flowers and eminently recyclable, too.

    I have a hankering to own a museum style glass topped table/display case but always wondered what I would put in it – you could have your own changing “installation” along these lines. I have a hankering to do something similar with tree leaves, in the right season, all laid out on white paper. Would make a great desktop background, too.

    Thanks for this, I am definitely going to give it a go myself now!

    • Thank you – glad you like my effort 🙂 I’ve always enjoyed filling my pockets with “stuff” when I’m out and about and have little collections of seeds, shells, leaves, pebbles, fir cones etc all over the place.

      What was particularly nice about this little project was that it was planned and focused rather than impulsive and random, which made it a different experience. More thoughtful and almost meditative, if that’s not being too fanciful.

      A glass-topped table is an excellent idea – much easier to dust than a pile of dried up vegetation!

      Looking forward to seeing what you discover in your garden… 🙂

  3. Jo says:

    What a fantastic idea.

    *makes note for future reference*

    I love the bowl photo. I like things in bowls. I don’t know why.