Pain update (in case you were wondering)

The doctor diagnosed “nerve pain” and offered me a variety of drugs, one of which I’ve already tried as an insomnia remedy and found the side effects outweighed the benefits. I looked up the other options on the internet and decided that my current sufferings aren’t bad enough to risk the possible side effects.

There appears to be no treatment available to repair the damage or prevent further decline, so my decision for now is to manage the symptoms as best I can. Most of the time I’m not completely immobilised by pain and, although things are getting worse, I think my quality of life will probably be better without adding an extra burden of toxicity to my system.

Like many other people with ME/CFS my body doesn’t handle drugs well and I only try new things if and when absolutely necessary. Past experience has taught me to be extremely cautious and to start with the smallest dose possible. It’s a family thing – my very healthy brother was once hospitalised after a bad reaction to prescribed drugs and other relations have similar sensitivities.

I do take take over-the-counter painkillers when necessary, and diazepam to help me relax and sleep occasionally, but I’ll save the heavy duty drugs for later. In the meantime I must heed the wake-up call and take better care of myself. I must take time out to relax my muscles thoroughly, do more gentle yoga stretches and maybe get a massage occasionally.


4 Comments on “Pain update (in case you were wondering)”

  1. Jo says:

    Only just got round to catching up with my blog feed, sorry to hear you’ve been struggling.

    “I must heed the wake-up call and take better care of myself.

    It’s our bodies, not our minds (yes, that means you in the back with a bad case of IO), that we need to listen to when it comes to taking care of ourselves. *hugs*

    • Thanks Jo – yes, the body provides good and useful information and it’s wise to heed the messages before they reach stadium sound-system level. I just don’t want to hear “You can’t do what you used to do”!

      (I’ve edited a grammatical error in the quote and the original text).

  2. I totally agree with your approach. I beleive that the more we can minimise the foreign toxins in our bodies the better chance we give our immune system of sorting itself out and overcoming this illness. when pain and lack of sleep are putting a big strain on our system its worth using medication to minimise this strain, but if we can do without we’re much more likely to make positive progress.

    Investing some time and energy in relaxation exercizes, stretching and yoga can pay wonderful divindends. Although they probably won’t be so effective if you are ignoring your daily limitations. It can be such a dificult balancing act can’t it!

    Wishing you a pain free future!

    • Thanks ME/CFS Self-help Guru 🙂 My time-management isn’t great at the moment, but I’m trying to make better choices (and not beating myself up when I choose to make a “bad” choice!).