End of the season

I started season of mellow fruitfulness mainly as a writing exercise, to get myself typing instead of thinking and to allow other people to read what I wrote. When I started I set myself a few rules – don’t talk about having ME/CFS, don’t set posting targets and never apologise for not posting for ages.

I’ve stuck to the last one, I think, and I didn’t set any public goals, though I did set some private ones from time to time. Writing about my experience of having ME/CFS crept in as it became clear that the hopes of recovery that I had when I started were not going to be fulfilled.

It’s been fun, a good learning experience and I’ve “met” some lovely people along the way. But (you could see the “but” coming couldn’t you?) it’s now time to wrap it up, to say a big thank you to followers, commenters and supporters, and to move on to something else.

I had intended to keep going with this blog until I had a follow-on lined up, but over the last couple of weeks I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to do a bit of space clearing before I start whatever comes next. I have several ideas, but I need some time to play around with them to see what emerges.

Feeling that I “ought” to write a post on here when I’m no longer mentally engaged with the project causes a small, but unnecessary drain on my creative energy. I mention it just in case anyone reading is mulling over a similar decision – if whatever it is has run it’s course, let it go and stop the energy drain!

Thank you all again for sharing this venture with me and best wishes to you all.


7 Comments on “End of the season”

  1. Jo says:

    “let it go and stop the energy drain!”


  2. Ian says:

    I am sure you will move on to more fulfilling adventures – We’ll miss your blog though but look forward to hearing about your plans via twitter

  3. Good luck with your next ventures. I’ll miss you’re refrshing posts. But its great that you are doing what you need to do!

  4. Tamara says:

    I look forward to seeing where you go in the future and wish you lots of luck in whatever you pursue. I do think it’s a shame that you will be deleting this blog though.

    • Thank you Tamara. I did consider leaving it up with one last goodbye post, but as I’m thinking of recycling some of the material into other projects, it seemed best to close it completely, at least for now 🙂

  5. good luck with whqtever you move on to – in the meantime I shall see you on twitter 🙂