What a difference a day makes

I had a good stretch of unbroken sleep last night, the weather has been cooler this morning and the neigbourhood is, at least for now, blessedly quiet. A pleasant spell of peaceful respite before the bank holiday.

There are many compensations for the trials that summer weather brings to my ailing body, sweet scented full-blown roses being just one, and when I’m not frayed to bits with weariness they give me much pleasure.

Sadly, although I felt better this morning than yesterday morning and I have crossed a few tasks off my list, my energy is going now. I can feel my muscles starting to seize up and a headache brewing. It’s time to take some painkillers and rest again…


Red roses in June

For all the usual reasons I haven’t done as much in the garden during the past week as I planned, but I am making some progress most days and things are growing well.

Luckily I don’t have to do anything at all to these gorgeous roses which peep over the fence from my neighbour’s garden except enjoy the sight and scent of them.

Later today I intend to plant out the last few things in pots that need to be transplanted and sow some seeds. Once that is done things will, apart from watering, mostly take care of themselves. I hope…