Summery weather

To be honest I hate it. The heat is debilitating in itself, especially with such a sudden change from rather cool to very warm. Opening windows to let in what breeze there is also lets in the sound of traffic, lawnmowers, power tools, children playing, outdoor conversations, music, burglar and car alarms, adults partying, seagulls screaming, cats yowling etc etc.

The more exhausted I am the harder it is to rest. I’m writing this because someone is cutting a lawn nearby and the uneven whine of the mower is driving me nuts. I’d rather be lying on my bed, but it too hot up there with the windows closed, so I’m marginally more comfortable sitting downstairs. Though I can still hear the bloody thing even with the doors and windows shut.

The more exhausted I am the harder it is to ignore irritations and getting irritated makes it even harder to rest or to organise irritation-mitigation strategies. I’m pretty much at the end of my rope at the moment, but I will get past this, no matter how many days of living at basic ME/CFS survival level it takes. If nothing else, the weather will change, even if not until autumn!

In the meantime I must grab what rest I can, when I can. The lawnmower has stopped and I’ve hopefully got a few hours of relative peace and quiet until 3:30pm when the football-kicking starts… Bah humbug to hot weather and noise!